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10 Tips for Relaxation

Almost all women feel overwhelmed at some point juggling the demands of work, family, and other responsibilities. For mothers, the stress can be especially intense. However, there are ways to find relaxation and restore balance in your life. Here are 10 tips to help you get started.

1. Get a massage- It’s important to take care of your physical body. Invest in yourself by booking a massage and taking that time to relax and let go of all your stress and worries, at least for 60 minutes.

2. Take a yoga class- It always amazes me what can be released during a yoga class. There are so many different styles of yoga. Find one that you love and add it to your routine.

3. Read your favorite book- Trust me, if you haven’t read a book for fun crack open your favorite book and swap out screen time before bed with your favorite book.

4. Watch a funny movie- Laughter is the best medicine. Take time out of your day to add in more laughter.

5. Take a walk in nature- 10-15 minutes of brisk walking in nature will help completely shift your energy. Nature is so healing!

6. Listen to calming music- I love searching for energy-healing music on Youtube or Sound Cloud and picking whatever best aligns with how I’m feeling that day.

7. Meditate- Find a guided meditation on YouTube (I love Reiki Rachael) or just sit quietly for 5-10 minutes to breathe. It doesn’t take long to feel your shoulders drop and your body relax.

8. Take a warm bath- Add Epsom salt, diffuse some essentials, and add a non-toxic candle to make it a truly luxurious, relaxing experience.

9. Take a social media break- Delete your social media apps from your phone and take a break from scrolling. Whether it's for a couple of hours or a couple of days, you will be surprised how much extra “me” time you have when you are mindlessly scrolling.

10. Make time to have fun- It is important to have fun in life. The fun, happy times are what create those amazing memories. Put it in your calendar, Carve out the time. Make memories.

Try these out and let me know your favorite!


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