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Boost Your Energy in Less than 10 minutes!

If you're looking for an instant energy boost, try one of these quick energy healings. More energy can mean feeling happier and more vibrant, being able to accomplish more, and simply having more fun. A lighter energy can also help you feel more grounded and present. To instantly feel more energetic, try any of these:

-Solar plexus chakra clearing: This clearing is said to remove any blockages in your solar plexus chakra, which is associated with your personal power.

-Root chakra balancing: Balancing your root chakra is said to help you feel more stable and centered

. It can also help to increase your sense of security.

-Heart chakra opening: An open heart chakra is thought to promote compassion, love, and understanding. It can also help you feel lighter and freer.

-Breathwork: Start by breathing in for 1 count, holding for 1 count, and releasing for 1 count. Then do the same thing with a count of 2 working all the way up to the count of 10. When you are done you will feel a noticeable energy shift!

-Meditation: Close your eyes and sit quietly for 5 minutes. Try to relax your mind and notice how your body naturally breathes in and out.

-Taking a gratitude walk: Get outside and walk briskly for 5-10 minutes. While walking, think of all the things in your life that you are grateful for.

-Essential Oils: Roll on your favorite oil, place your hand on your heart and breathe in slowly and deeply. If you’re feeling tired try citrus oils like orange or grapefruit to help shift your energy.

All of these energy healings can be done quickly and easily, so there's no excuse not to try them out! See how you feel after doing one (or all) of them. Chances are, you'll feel better instantly.


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