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Why Clean, Filtered Water is Essential to Your Health

We all know that drinking water is a crucial part of staying healthy. But did you know that the type of water you choose can make a huge difference? Clean, filtered water is essential to your health and wellbeing. Let’s take a look at why it’s so important to make sure you’re drinking filtered water.

What’s in Your Water?

Do you ever stop to think about what might be lurking in your tap water? Unfortunately, plenty of toxic chemicals and contaminants can sneak their way into your glass. Chlorine, for example, is commonly added to municipal water supplies as part of the disinfection process. It may help get rid of harmful bacteria or viruses but it can also make your tap water taste bad and leave behind residue that could potentially damage your skin or hair.

Another thing to consider is sediment—tiny particles such as dirt or sand that are suspended in the water supply can cause damage when they enter your home plumbing system. They can also clog up filters and showerheads, preventing clean water from coming out when you turn on the tap. And lastly, heavy metals like lead or arsenic can find their way into your tap if they are present in the local environment or infrastructure. All these things can be hazardous to our health if we consume them without any safeguards in place.

The Benefits of Filtering Your Water

Thankfully, there are simple solutions available for protecting yourself against these kinds of contaminants—namely drinking clean, filtered water! One option is having a filter installed on your faucet. Another option is a Berkey water filter. This option holds large amounts of clean water and can also include a fluoride filter if you are limiting your families fluoride intake. Another popular option is a pitcher water filter. While these don’t hold as much water at a time, they will definitely help if you’re on a tight budget. Filtering your water will ensure that all the harmful substances mentioned above won’t end up in your glass every time you need a drink. On top of this, filtered water tends to taste better too since many filters remove unpleasant odors or flavors from tap water. Plus, filters don't just protect us from ingesting harmful substances; when they are installed they also help keep our plumbing systems free from build-up which prevents costly repairs down the line! Here are some of my favorites that are easy to get right off *Amazon:

When it comes to making sure we stay healthy and hydrated, opting for clean, filtered water over regular tap is always the best choice! Not only does it provide protection against toxic chemicals and contaminants that could be hiding in our tap but it also tastes better and can help maintain our plumbing system too! So let's all do our part by investing in quality filters and enjoy cleaner and safer drinking water each day! Now that's something we should all feel good about doing!

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